Do you live with stress, depression, anxiety, or aches and pains?
Would you like to enhance your appearance, fertility, or well-being?
Experience the healthful benefits of acupuncture and Chinese medicine with
LORI BELL, Doctor of Chinese Medicine and resident acupuncturist practicing at
The Standard Spa, Miami Beach.
Lori and her team are also available to provide quick and effective treatments at your office. Click here for more information.

MARIO CADER-FRECH MTV International Vice President Public Affairs, The Americas writes:

Lori Bell has become my secret weapon! In a busy corporate world, time is everything. Having an acupuncture treatment and a shot of Vitamin B12 by Lori is essential to my success. Lori’s treatment is not only healing and calming; it balances my energy, leaving me with a sharp mind and able to focus on my goals. The time spent at Lori’s, saves time in the long run.”