Astrological Forecast, Fall 2014


by Lori Bell
August 19, 2014


This Fall Season is ripe for change, Aries. It’s time for fun with a focus on romance. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and luck, landed in your 5 house of love, creativity, and romance, will stay there until August 2015. Finally the fun has begun. September is the month to take off for a romantic getaway around the New Moon on September 24, which falls in your seventh house of committed relationships. September 25 is a grand trine in fire signs, meaning it’s all working in your favor.

Cities, just as people, have their own astrological charts so have this in mind when planning your travel. Miami is a Leo which aligns with your fiery energy, a perfect place for a romantic getaway. Relationships are a huge theme in 2014. New York City and Los Angeles both have their Moon in Aries, perfect places for an emotional connection. Whether you’re in a relationship or single, September is definitely the time to travel for love.

October is shake-up time – so much change happening that you might be spinning. Mercury goes retrograde October 4-25 through the signs of Scorpio and Libra. Mercury goes retrograde four times a year, so it certainly is not the end of the world as most people seem to think. Seriously, it really doesn’t affect you too much, your ruler is Mars. It seems to test your patience and temper mostly. This is the time to finish up projects that are lingering before you leap into the next one.

The bigger news is the two eclipses happening in October. Eclipse are course changers when they hit personal planets. The full moon lunar eclipse on October 8 is in Aries, conjoining Uranus the planet of change–surprises are in the air. You never know what will happen when Uranus is involved. This full moon is all about you, falling into your first house, so it’s time to be your courageous, passionate, vibrant self. Aries born between April 2 and 8 are affected by this Full Moon eclipse which lasts for six months. It’s back to the relationship theme: have you learned to share Aries?

The new moon solar eclipse on October 23 is in Scorpio: time to plant seeds for the future, let go of old patterns and habits which no longer serve you. Travel for October is about self-discovery and romance. Don’t fret about traveling during Mercury retrograde, you always know how to have fun even if you’re stuck in an airport for hours.

Things quiet down in November. The New Moon on November 22 in Sagittarius falls in your 9th house of international travel. You really don’t have to travel overseas to experience different cultures, come to Miami where everyone is speaking Spanish. Enjoy your fall Aries, it’s a whirlwind of romance, creativity and change.

Wish I were an Aries.


Jupiter moved into your 4th house of home, roots, and family. You couldn’t be happier. Taurus, you love your home, your things, your comfort. Renovating, decorating or finding that perfect new home makes you purr.

September is the ideal time to spend with your close friends. Cities, just like people, have their own astrological charts. Keep this in mind when planning your travel. The full moon on September 8 is in your 11th house of friendship. Meet up with friends in New York City or Los Angeles–both earth signs align with your Taurus nature. While you’re there check out the latest designs in furniture or go antiquing.

In October, the energy shifts. Mercury goes retrograde October 4-25, in the sign of Libra and Scorpio. Be aware this is not the time to sign a lease or buy that new apartment–try to wait until Mercury goes direct after October 25. Venus rules Taurus, so mercury retrograde does not effect you as much as other signs. You may regret buying luxury items at these times. Two major eclipses occur in October. October 8 is a full moon eclipse at 15 Aries falling into your 12th house of seclusion. The perfect time for a retreat, self reflection, and meditation. The StandardSpa Miami is ideal. Taurus, you love to be pampered, relax, and just chill. A full moon in Miami is pure magic. On October 25 a New Moon Eclipse is in Scorpio, effecting your relationships. The past two years have truly challenged your relationships with stern Saturn in your seventh house of partnerships. Either you broke up, stayed single, or worked very hard and recommitted to your present relationship. This is the last eclipse in your relationship area, hallelujah! You don’t like change, you prefer to be partnered. Why not head off to a romantic weekend in the city, even if you live in NYC, check into the Standard Highline and treat yourself.

November is much needed gentler energy. The full moon on November 6 is in your sign Taurus falling into your first house. Spotlight is on you Taurus, go out and shine. The new moon on November 22 is in Sagittarius, falling into your 8th house, which rules sex, death, taxes and inheritances. I’d say take off, indulge, indulge, indulge, and most of all no regrets.

Enjoy your fall, sweet Taurus.


Gemini, life would be so boring without you. Jupiter, the planet that everyone loves, brings luck, expansion and growth, entered your third house of communication and travel.  The house is naturally ruled by mercury your ruler Gemini. You can now officially get away with being on your smartphone 24/7, social media, texting, writing, researching, gossiping. Blame Jupiter in your 3rd house if people complain that you no longer pay any attention to them. Just be mindful that your phone or computer does not replace your lover. You thrive on diversity, you get distracted so easily. Traveling enlightens your mind and spirit. You love cities, culture, parties, and interesting people. September is the prime time to take off, you really can go anywhere that stimulates you. New York, Los Angeles, Miami…all three work for you.

Travel in September is ideal for you, Gemini. The full moon falls into your 10th house of career on September 8, perhaps you’ll be traveling for work then. The new moon on September 24 falls into your 5th house of romance and creativity. You prefer the latest, newest and most happening, so I suggest NYC in the fall. Take your lover or find a new love, socialize, go to art openings, theater, do everything.

October gets tricky for you. Mercury, your ruler, goes retrograde October 4-25. Mercury truly affects you, Gemini. Only you and Virgo are legitimately allowed to complain about Mercury retrograde since you’re both ruled by Mercury. It does make you miserable. Try to breathe, finish projects, take a break from the computer, phone, and go to yoga class. There are two eclipses in October, the first is a full moon on October 8 in Aries falling into your 11th  house of friendship, dreams and wishes. Make sure you get together with your friends at this time, or better, plan a group getaway. Miami is a fiery Leo which works well with your Gemini nature, the ideal place to go while Mercury is retrograde. The new moon eclipse on October 23 is affecting your 6th house of heath, diet, and everyday routine. Time to take care of yourself Gemini, start a detox, exercise routine, and get disciplined. Los Angeles is the epicenter of the latest health craze. Go hiking, detox, and learn to meditate.

November will be much easier on you with Mercury direct. November 22 is a new moon in Sagittarius falling into your 7th house of partnership. This new moon only happens once a year in your partnership house, an ideal time for a romantic get vacation.

Happy travels, Gemini.


Cancer, you’ll be so pleased to know that the lucky planet Jupiter has entered your 2nd house of money, remaining there until August 2015. It’s a great year for increased income, self worth, and more money. Cancer, you crave security: get that raise, invest, save and do some traveling.

This fall season begins with a full moon in the healing sign of Pisces, falling into your  9th house of travel and higher consciousness. Pisces is a water sign, as you are Cancer. Perfect time to go to Miami for this Pisces full moon. Relax at The StandardSpa. Each city has a horoscope and Miami’s moon is in Pisces. You’re a sensitive soul, your ruler is the moon, any place that is compatible with your moon is ideal.

The new moon on September 24 is in Libra in your 4th house of home and roots. Nest, cook, redecorate, get cozy, stay home and invite your family and loved ones over.

October brings in two eclipses and Mercury retrograde. October 4-25 Mercury goes retrograde, and for you it tends to make you more moody. People not keeping appointments, nor returning your emails or calls hurts your feelings…try not to take it personally.

The full moon eclipse on October 8 is in Aries falling into your 10th house of career. You may feel pulled in two directions, career responsibility vs home. Career will win. If you do travel now, it will be work-related. Both New York and Los Angeles have their moon in Aries which is the ruler of your career sector–energetically it works in your favor. The new moon eclipse is on October 23 at 00 Scorpio in your 5th house of romance, creativity and fun. This is the time to head out of town after the intense full moon on October 8. Being around water always soothes you Cancer, so head back to Miami or the California coast.

November finally arrives with a full moon in Taurus in your 11th house. Cancer, you love and nurture your friends. It’s a perfect tine to take a holiday with your best friend. The new moon on November 22 falls in your 6th house of diet, exercise, and health. Have you lost the weight you gained while Jupiter was in your 1st house? If not, now is the time. You can go to NYC and walk the streets and museums all day, go hiking in Los Angeles, or head to Miami and go on a cleanse.

Love to you, Cancer.


Leo,  how I wish I were you right now. Jupiter, the planet of luck, growth and all that we enjoy entered Leo on July 16 and will stay until August 11, 2015. It’s in your first house Leo, all the attention is on you. You’ ll feel more energized, confident and charismatic than you ever have. It’s your time to shine Lioness. Roar, purr and get all that you deserve. September is a prime time to travel.

September 8 we have a full moon in the sign of Pisces falling into your eight house of money, sex, and intimacy. What better way to spend this full moon, indulging your senses. I suggest you travel to your twin soul city of Miami. Each city has a birthday, Miami is a Leo with the Moon in Pisces. There’s not a more perfect place for you to be on this full moon in Pisces than Miami. The New Moon on September 24 is in Libra in your 3rd house of communication, siblings and travel. How about a trip with your brother or sister? When was the last time you traveled with them? It’s your time Leo, I promise you’ll get all the attention. New York or Los Angeles are good choices. There’s plenty for everyone, and both cities have the moon in fiery Aries which loves your Leo sun.

October brings the dreaded Mercury in retrograde on October 4-25 which happens 4 times a year, and we do survive. For you Leo, it’s not so bad. You’re ruled by the Sun, as long as the sun shines you’re okay. The bigger news is the two eclipses happening in October. On October 8 there is a full moon eclipse in Aries falling in your 9th house of travel, law, publishing and spirituality. For the next six months travel will be highlighted, especially long distance, across the pond and beyond. Perhaps a trip to India to attend a teaching with the Dalai Lama? Arrive in Mumbai, the city is a Leo, and check out Bollywood. Or, head to Rome, also a Leo, where you will feel right at home. The new moon on October 23 falls in your 4th house of home and family. This new moon is the ideal time to stay home or invite your parents over and give them some loving.

The full moon on November 6 in Taurus falls into your 10th house of career. Both New York and Los Angeles are Earth signs, being compatible with Taurus which rules the career area of your chart. November brings in a new moon on the 22nd with a focus on your 5th house of love, romance and creativity. The 5th house is naturally ruled by the sun–it’s your house, so I’d say go back to Miami and soak up the sun and have some fun.

Love to be a Leo.


Virgo, it’s your birthday this September. Where best to spend it?

September 8 we have a full moon in Pisces in your 7th house of partnerships. This romantic healing full moon only happens once a year, make the most out of this dreamy time. Los Angeles is the perfect choice, it’s your city Virgo. Cities, like people, have horoscopes and Los Angeles is a Virgo just like you. The organic food, healthy lifestyle vibrate culture is perfectly matched for you, Virgo.

On September 24 the new moon in Libra falls into your 2nd house of finances and self worth. I’d send you back to Los Angeles for this one as well. Why not spend all of September in LA? Los Angeles has Venus and Neptune in Libra which rules your second house of money Virgo, it’s a good place for your finances and self worth.

October can be tricky a  month for you with Mercury your ruler going retrograde, and two eclipses, making it a lot for you to handle. Your ranalytical nature, fine attention to detail and editing ability does not like disorder nor chaos. When Mercury goes retrograde it can affect your nervous system, besides playing havoc with your orderly life. Mercury will be retrograde in the signs Libra and Scorpio October 4-25, affecting your house of finances and communication. It only lasts for three weeks–you will survive.

October 8 there is a full moon eclipse in the sign of Aries falling into your 8th house of joint finance, taxes, inheritances, death and sex. New York City has the moon in Aries, could be a steamy, private time in the city for you. October 23 the New moon eclipse falls in Scorpio falls into your third house of communication, sibling, and travel. Best to spend this new moon in Miami with Mercury retrograde. You may need to calm your nerves. Take a time out and relax at The StandardSpa–a fall detox will work wonders for you, Virgo.

November arrives with Mercury direct and a full moon in Taurus on November 6, in your 9th house of long distance travel, publishing, and spirituality. Paris is a Virgo–I can’t think of a prettier city for you. If that doesn’t appeal to you, try Greece or Brazil. Both being Virgos, you’ll have a strong connection to both.

November 22 is a new moon in Sagittarius in your house of home, family and roots. On this new moon, stay home, get organized and invite your loved ones over. You love being of service to others.

With respect, kind Virgo.


Libra it’s your birthday! Where do you want to celebrate? You’ll have plenty of birthday invitations. The expansive, lucky planet Jupiter went into the sign of Leo on July 16 and entered  your 11th house of friendships, hopes and dreams. Expect your social life to hit new heights, enjoy all the activities. You’re a social being and you need connection.

September 8 is a full moon in Pisces in your sixth house of health, diet and everyday routine. To jump start a fall detox book your ticket to Miami and stay at theStandardSpa while the planets are urging you to focus on your health routine. The Full Moon in Miami is magic.

September 24 is the new moon in Libra in your first house. New Moons  are new beginnings, it’s your new year Libra. The ideal city for you would be Los Angeles, the planet Venus rules Libra, all things beautiful, elegant, and refined. Cities like people have there own astrological chart, Los Angeles has Venus in Libra conjunct Neptune,equals glamour times ten. Libra you shine in LA. get your beautiful self there and celebrate your New Moon in style.

October is transformation month, with a full moon eclipse effecting your Sun in Libra.  On October 8, there is a Full Moon Lunar eclipse, it feels like a full moon only `10 times stronger.  It;s in the sign of  Aries occurring in your seventh house of partnerships. Libra’s born between October 6-12 will be effected by this powerful full moon eclipse. It’s all about your relationships Libra. You love being in one, it’s a primal need. This full moon is asking you to be authentic and independent. For this intense and romantic full moon in Aries  New York City would be a wonderful place to be. Fall in the city is beautiful. Ideal place to celebrate your birthday. New York’s natal moon is in Aries the ruler of your seventh house of partnerships.

Also during this month mercury goes retrograde on October 4-25, in the signs of Scorpio and Libra. It’s hard for you to make decisions at this time Libra, your indecisive to begin with add mercury retrograde in your own sign, its all most impossible.

October 23 is a new moon eclipse in Scorpio falling into your second house of income and self worth. If your due for a raise make sure you get what your worth, and please don’t sell yourself short Libra.

November will be a welcome relief from the intensity of October.

November 6 is a full moon in Taurus, in your eight house. dealing with joint income, tax’s, merging, sex, and inheritances. It’s time to indulge yourself on this full moon.

November 22 is the fiery optimistic new moon in Sagittarius. This new moon falls into your third house of travel, siblings, and communication. A fun time to have an adventure with one of your siblings,

Lovely Libra, happy birthday.


Scorpio, it’s been a hard few years for you with Saturn the stern teacher on your Sun. The good news: Jupiter moved to the top of your chart into the career sector this July. You’ve totally got the good graces of Jupiter working some serious magic in your career zone until August 2015. If you can stay focused on your career, anything is possible.

September 8 begins with a full noon in the watery sign of Pisces, falling into your 5th house. Time for a little romance. Head down to Miami, whose rising sign is in Scorpio, just like you. Miami connects well for you, Scorpio, and it’s good for your soul to be on the water. September 24 is a new moon in your house of retreat and seclusion. Time is be alone, go on a retreat, stay home, and don’t answer your calls. Just get quiet. You’ll need your energy for next month’s eclipse.

The fun begins in October. Mercury goes retrograde October 4-25, in your sign, Scorpio. This maybe a more problematic Mercury retrograde than usual for you. Make sure you back up all your electronics, expect delays, finish up old projects, be mindful of what you say, how you say it, and try not to hold any grudges.

We have two eclipses in October, and these energies create change. If we don’t change, the universe will make the changes for us. Scorpio, you don’t like change–see what needs to shift in your life and do so. October 8 is a full moon eclipse in Aries, in your 6th house of health, diet and daily routine. You prefer transformation, so I suggest a weekend in Miami. Stay at The StandardSpa, take a yoga retreat, go on a detox, get ready for your birthday. The big eclipse affecting you is on October 23 in Scorpio falling into your 1st house. It’s all about how you navigate in the world, how you want to be seen. The timing couldn’t be better with Jupiter bestowing favors on your career. It’s time for you to shine and come out of hiding. Scorpio, you’re the most powerful sign of the zodiac, use this power wisely now.

November is much gentler, starting with a full moon in Taurus in your 7th house of partnerships. After the intensity of October, Mercury direct, take off for a romantic getaway or go find love. New York in the fall is perfect. New York is a Capricorn, aligning well with your Scorpio nature.

The next new moon is on November 22 in the fire sign of Sagittarius, happening in your 2nd house of income and self worth. Scorpio, you should be feeling really good with your career these days. Make sure you’re getting what you’re worth. It’s a good time for a raise or increase in income.

Keep focusing on your career Scorpio, it’s going to work out better than you thought.

Happy birthday, sexy Scorpio.


Joy Sagittarius, Jupiter your ruler has entered your 9th house, where you feel most at home. The 9th house represents foreign travel, study, spirituality, and the higher mind. It’s the house of Jupiter and Sagittarius. Rejoice. For the next year until August 2015 it’s time for travel, study, to experience different cultures, learn a new language, all things which you love.

September 8, there is a full moon in Pisces falling in your 4th house, This is the time to stay home, regroup to get ready for your next adventure. September 24 is a new moon in your 11 house of friendships. It’s an ideal time to take off and travel with friends. Miami would be ideal. Miami’s sun sign is Leo, very compatible to you Sagittarius, you’re both fire signs. Sag, you like to have a good time, and Miami is always happening.

October brings Mercury retrograde from the 4-25. This may play havoc with your travel plans, expect delays, miscommunication, and electronic devices breaking. October 8 there is a full moon eclipse, which feels like a full moon 10 times stronger activating your 5th house of romance, creativity and play. Time to take off Sagittarius, if you stay in the US, head to Los Angeles for an adventure. You like open spaces, go hiking, or head to the dessert. Los Angeles has its Moon in the fire sign of Aries connecting to your Sun.
October 23 is a New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio falling in your 12th house of retreat and seclusion. Time to take a break, be alone, go to a mediation retreat.
Whatever spiritually moves you Sag seek it.

November is your month. There will be 5 planets in Sagittarius, time for love and travel. November 6 is a full moon in Taurus in your 6th house of health. How well are you taking care of yourself? You do have a tendency to overindulge. Fall is the season to detox, this full moon is the time to start one. The new moon is on November 22. It is in Sagittarius falling into your 1st house. You’ll be feeling energized. Have you booked your adventure? Here are a few countries ruled by Sagittarius:  Kenya, Sweden, Singapore and Colombia. If you decide to stay in the States go to New York, it has every culture in the world. New York’s Venus and Mars are in Sagittarius, it’s a great city for your love life, too.

Sagittarius go explore, have a blast!


Capricorn, you love Fall. Everyone is focused and back at work. I have some good news for you: Jupiter will grace your 8th house of income starting this July. The planet of growth, luck and expansion will increase your bank account tremendously. Also, it’s a good time for a business loan, mortgage or refinance–the time is right until August 2015.

On September 8 we have a full moon in Pisces activating your 3rd house of communication, travel and sibling. Why not have a weekend holiday with your sister or brother? Head down to Miami, stay at The Standard Spa, get your spa treatments together. You can work on your computer by the pool. It’s hard for you not to work Capricorn, taking long weekends is key to your survival. September 24 there is a New Moon in Libra, falling in your favorite house, the career sector. The place and only place for you to be is New York City. It’s your soul city Cap, for New York is a Capricorn. “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere” Capricorn your the mountain goat that just keeps on climbing. Ambition is your middle name.

October is a stressful month. Mercury goes retrograde on October 4-24. Appointments, commitments, emails and communications all get messed with. It’s hard for you, you’re the responsible one, you are too hard on yourself if you make a mistake or forget an appointment. Be easy on yourself, please. October 8 there is a full Moon eclipse, feels like a full moon 10 times stronger, which falls into your 4th house of home and family. This eclipse lasts for six months, you may have added responsibility to family or loved ones. This time is best to stay close to home. October 23 is a new moon eclipse in Scorpio landing in your house of friendships. Capricorn, you attract powerful friends with Scorpio ruling the 11th house. Meet up with friends in your favorite city, New York, and mix business with pleasure. You’ll have so much fun.

November lightens up, with Mercury direct. On November 6 there is a full moon in Taurus falling in your 5th house of romance and fun. Yes, fun Capricorn, get out of town, go to Los Angeles for a long romantic weekend. Los Angeles’s sun sign is Virgo, an Earth sign like you, so you’re quite compatible. Please try to not work while you’re there. November 22 is a new moon in Sagittarius falling in your 12 house of retreat and seclusion. Capricorns need to spend time alone, it feeds your soul, take off to the mountains or a cabin in the woods and recharge.

Have some fun, dear Capricorn, you deserve it.


The Fall Season is here, and you have a lot to be thankful for, Aquarius. Jupiter, the planet which we all love, grants abundance, optimism and luck has entered your 7th house of committed partnership. For Aquarius partnered, this brings the LOVE back into your relationships, it didn’t have to be lost, you’ll feel it so much more. Single Aquarius, it’s your time for real love. Just walk out your door, they are out there at least until August 15, 2015. Lucky Aquarius. You prefer to be friends first, lovers second, friends forever.

On September 8 there is a full moon in Pisces in your 2nd house of income and self worth. I think it’s best to travel for work now, or stay put and make money. On September 24 a new moon in Libra falls in your 9th house of long distance travel, different cultures, spirituality, and higher consciousness. You care about humanity, perhaps a volunteer trip to Asia or Africa? 2014 is a good year to travel and explore. You’re curious about the world and other cultures, so anywhere you find interesting people, places, food, art, music, and weirdness you’re happy. I’d suggest cities for you Aquarius, there’s much more diversity, which you thrive on.

October brings challenges, for Mercury goes retrograde October 4-25, and there are two eclipses which are intense periods of energy erupting this month. Mercury retrograde affects you Aquarius. Being an air sign, communicating is vital to your being and when it doesn’t flow, you get out of sorts. October 8 brings the full moon eclipse, a full moon that is 10 times stronger, and lands in your 3rd house of communication, travel and siblings. If you have siblings this is the time to spend with them. I suggest New York City, there is so much to do and it’s a beautiful time of year there. Have drinks at The Standard Highline at sunset, it’s magic.

On October 24 there is a new moon eclipse occurring in Scorpio, in your career area. You’ve been working so hard these past few years with stern Saturn in your 10th house – this eclipse is a gift for all work you have accomplished. Most likely all travel will be work-related at this time, to your benefit.

Things go back to normal in November. On the 6th there is a full moon in Taurus in your 4th house of home and family. Now is the time to stay home, invite your family and friends over, enjoy their company. November 22 is a new moon in Sagittarius, falling in your 11th house of friends. Aquarius, everyone is your friend. Take off with a few of your favorites and go to Los Angeles. Los Angeles rising sign, Venus and Neptune are all in Libra, an air sign like you. Energetically, this city feels really good for you. Love your friends, have some fun, and be strange.

Cheers, Aquarius!


Pisces, brace yourself for your Fall Forecast. Since July, Jupiter, the planet of growth, luck, and expansion entered your sixth house of work, daily routine, health and diet. It only lasts until August 2015, and it’s really good for you Pisces, since discipline is not your strong point. Jupiter will help. While Jupiter transited your fifth house of creativity, you had a year and half to get inspired and create, now is the time to have your brilliant ideas become a reality.

September starts off with a full moon in Pisces in your first house on the 8th. The Pisces full moon is about relating, it’s your full moon of the year. Take off to Los Angeles with the one you love. LA is a Virgo, which rules your 7th house of partnerships, an ideal city for love. Virgo is your opposite, you both need each other. September 24 brings a new moon in Libra falling in your 8th house of income, inheritance, sex, death, and mysticism. The 8th house deals with merging on a deep level, this comes naturally to Pisces. I think a getaway to Miami would be ideal. Miami’s moon is in Pisces, you will feel an emotional connection there. Stay at The Standard Spa…the pool at night is dreamy, a perfect escape for you and your lover.

October is rocky. Mercury goes retrograde October 4-25, and this is always hard for you. Pisces, you tend to space out, forget appointments…it’s not intentional, you’re mentally someplace else. When Mercury goes retrograde it gets worse, but at least you have an excuse and can blame it on Mercury retrograde. There is a full moon eclipse on October 8, falling in your 2nd house of money and self worth. Since it is an eclipse you’ll feel this energy longer. It’s best you stay focused on your work now Pisces. October 24 is a new moon in Scorpio which falls in your 9th house of travel, spirituality, study, and higher consciousness. It’s a powerful new moon for you, with Scorpio being a water sign it tunes in well  for Pisces. Travel, explore, and learn. If you stay in the States, I suggest you go to New York City where there is so much creativity. NYC is an Earth sign which is compatible to your water. You can wander the streets, get lost and dream.

November is smoother for you. A full moon occurs on the 6th in Taurus falling in your 3rd house of travel, sibling, communication. If you have siblings, or sibling-like friends, travel with them, you’ll have a love fest. November 22 is a new moon in Sagittarius falling in your 11th house of friendships. This is another ideal time to plan a trip with your close friends. Since it is in Sagittarius,  a spiritual journey or exotic place would be wonderful.

Love and peace, Pisces.

ART CREDIT: Darren Pearson, Zodiac Signs Made With Light