@ The Standard Spa, Miami
40 Island Avenue • Miami Beach, FL 33139

Seasonal Tune-up for the Fall Equinox: Group Acupuncture

Sunday, September 17 • 7-8pm
$45 includes indoor baths • $150 includes spa day pass

Fall is the season of letting go. It is related to the metal element, lungs, and large intestine, which governs grief, taking in and releasing, and our body’s ability to defend itself from colds and flu. It is a time of refinement, reflection and releasing. Metal energy is clear and direct. The power favors meditation, calming the mind and letting go of old patterns. Pull back from excesses activity, contract and move inward. According to Chinese Medicine, the best way to maintain health is to live harmoniously with the seasons. Join us while we reflect, refine, and let go, on this Fall Equinox.