“The stars above govern our condition.”  – Shakespeare, King Lear

Astrology_serviceI discovered astrology when I was 13 while living at boarding school. My roommate had an astrology book that fascinated me, which later became mine. A world opened for me that has become a lifelong study. A seeker since I was very young, I was drawn to the ideas and perspective of astrology. I always felt there was so much more going on than what is immediately visible, and I wanted to know more. Astrology was that beginning for me. It became a lifelong process – at this point a 40+ year study – which continues to inform what I do as a health practitioner, and my own life. I’ve experienced the compatibility between astrology and my practice as acupuncturist with clients dealing with health, life challenges, and life in general.

Working with Evolutionary Astrology has been an empowering experience. I see we are all created with a purpose and life challenges. Understanding my own chart allowed me to develop a deeper more compassionate relationship with myself. At every moment I feel I have abilities and tools to create a joyful, successful journey, as well as opportunities for transformation and change. It has helped me navigate some challenging periods, and negotiate relationships with more peace, grace and love.

My Background:

My root teachers are both Capricorns, and both brilliant: Brenda Brush, my mentor and dear friend, whom I have been studying with since 1987, and Steven Forrest, the mystical Capricorn who teaches Evolutionary Astrology, merging counseling and astrology. I am a student in his apprentice program, and have received Level 1 certification, working towards Level 2. I am deeply grateful for their generosity as teachers.

To complement my Acupuncture Practice, I am studying with Lynn Koiner for a Diploma in Medical Astrology.

“These auspicious aspects, which the astrologers subsequently interpreted for me, may have been the causes of my preservation.”  – Goethe

Benefits of Having Your Chart Done:

Astrology has taught me many things; one of the most valuable is timing. Certain times favor moving forward into the world, and others for internal growth and retreat. The planetary line up is our “school,” so to speak. When certain planets hit our chart we experience an awakening in our lives. How do we navigate unknown territory? How do we live our life to our full potential? What really makes us happy?

Knowing your natal chart provides insight into the complexities and patterns at work in one’s life, and what a particular time suggests. Along with this insight one sees the innate strengths they are endowed with to meet the challenges of their life, as well as areas where inertia is more likely. This experience often becomes a catalyst towards greater self-acceptance, actualizing potential, and action. My interest is healing, understanding and communicating the integrity in someone’s chart.

What is Evolutionary Astrology?

From the perspective of Evolutionary Astrology each individual comes into this life with challenges and potentials to realize, often certain propensities or predilections become even more evident. Evolutionary Astrology creates a profile of an individual life, focusing on the individual’s life path as a continuous becoming or unfolding. This process reveals the paradigms that are shaping this life along with potential possibilities. Having one’s chart done is often a cathartic (transformative) experience shedding clarity and insight into ones life, and moving one into action.

Each one of us has an innate force, a certain dynamic or “energetic” that has a hand in shaping our decisions/choices and inclinations as well as free will. Coming into this deeper awareness is often a tremendously empowering experience.

“Oh the wonderful knowledge to be found in the stars. Even the smallest things are written there…if you had but skill to read.” – Ben Franklin, Poor Richard’s Almanac