Infertility can be an incredible struggle for couples trying to conceive, and I honestly love working with women hoping to start a family.”

How can Acupuncture help conception and your pregnancy?

Acupuncture treatments have been shown to help:
• Regulate the menstrual cycle
• Reduce stress (high stress is associated with reduced chances of conceiving)
• Improve circulation to the reproductive organs, so they may work to their full potential
• Increase circulation to the uterus, ensuring optimal endometrial thickness
• Trigger ovulation in some women with ovulatory dysfunction
• Women with PCOS, endemetriosis, dysmenorrhea, pelvic inflammation
• Improve sperm count, motility and structural abnormalities

Studies show you can increase your conception rate by up to 16% by adding pre- and post acupuncture treatments on the day of your embryo transfer.

*PAULUS, M.D., et. al. APRIL 2001

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