Herbal Medicine

Circle_BluePestleHerbal Medicine is an extraordinarily valuable resource for healing that has also been in existence for thousands of years. Much like acupuncture, herbs possess the ability to promote the body’s natural functions while addressing the root cause of imbalance and disease.

In many cases, herbal medicine works with the law of opposites. If a patient’s system is too cold, herbs are prescribed to warm the body. If a system is too hot, herbs are prescribed to cool the body. If a patient has a feeling of drained energy and fatigue, herbs are prescribed to lift and transform the energy. If there is a feeling of intensity and hyperactivity, herbs are prescribed to bring down the energy and provide grounding. Since there are so many variables when it comes to each individual case, every herbal formula is customized so that each patient receives exactly what they need.

Herbal medicine can be prescribed for any issue that is treatable with acupuncture, and many times patients call for an appointment if they are feeling like they are coming down with a cold, headache, stomach virus, or pulled muscle. The earlier a health problem is treated, the quicker the result in many cases. Formulations are prepared to safely and naturally provide improved overall health, longevity and balance. Herbs are available in a variety of forms, including liquid extracts, powders, capsules and tablets.