The Standard Summer Astrology Series with Lori Bell

Thursdays at 7pm, August 8, 15, 22, and 29. Includes Thursday Spa Day Pass.


Get out of the Heat, Get into Astrology. He says he’s a Libra, which is loving, social and balanced, yet he acts like a Scorpio, which can be jealous, possessive, secretive…what’s up with that? It’s not just your Sun Sign. Dive into 4 weeks of Astrology Fun and find out why the Sun Sign is not the whole story. Would you like to understand your own chart better? Now you can! Join astrologer Lori Bell for this introduction to Summer Astrology Series, 4 weekly workshops to explore the basic components that make up the language of astrology- planets, signs and houses. This engaging workshop series will offer you the opportunity to learn the A-B-Cs of astrology and apply it to your chart in each week’s workshop.


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